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Modern Contemporary Innovative Architectural interior ​Designs

“Let us transform your space together”

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“Home is where the heart is!” At WestPoint Designs, that’s the feeling, connection, and experience we want each of our clients to have. We started the home renovation journey from humble beginnings.  What began as an eye for aesthetics, quickly morphed into a passion and love to help our clients turn their dream spaces into a reality. After years of positive feedback and achieving high results, we knew that renovating every and any space was the place for us.

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Our Services

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We work with our clients to meet and to exceed their expectations to make sure we are on budget, on schedule and provide great quality.


Our design team will create, plan and develop a space that is functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Our job is to bring your vision to life...


Whether it is a custom bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, screened porch addition, garage addition, outdoor living space or whole home remodel, our team is ready to get the job done right, while providing an amazing space. At WestPoint Designs, Quality is not an Act, It's a Habit!




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Design Sections

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Westpoint designs was one of three companies who made bids on our bathroom remodeling job. Initially, Mike was a bit slow getting his bid submitted but he indicated that they could get started on it soon but would not rush the job by trying to do it in one or two days. The bid was low with a caveat that if we wanted a complete remodel that it could be more based on condition of the floor, walls, and ceiling exhaust. The work did take several days over two weeks but the primary worker, Joe, was very precise and obviously took pride in his work. Afterwards, a cleaning crew came in to clean the bathroom and the adjacent family room where some dust had accumulated. The final cost was more than the initial estimate but still at or below the other estimates and it included a total remodel including new fixtures and painting of ceiling and walls.

Steve Washburn

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